6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life eCourse

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life eCourse


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“We broke through issues in our sex life we were clueless about how to face on our own and thought we would be dealing with for the rest of our lives. This truly saved our marriage, and we can’t thank you enough.” – K.P and F.P.

Do you and your beloved have different sex drives , and it leads to frustration, resentment, and conflict? When it comes to sex, have you fallen into routine? Are you bored and unfulfilled? Has sex become more of a duty or an item to check off your to-do list? Are you worried you’ve fallen out of love or that your relationship permanently lost its spark? Are you lost about what turns you on, how to build desire, and ways to feel aroused?

Are you discouraged by your partner’s low libido? Have you stopped initiating sex after being turned down too many times? Do you wish you knew how to successfully get your beloved in the mood?

In long-term love, some people stop wanting sex or lose attraction to their partner. Others grow bored, dissatisfied, and resentful and long for their partner to be more interested and interesting. Suddenly sex, this thing that used to BOND you, is the very thing driving a wedge BETWEEN you. No matter how disconnected you may currently feel, we’re here to help!

“If you think you are simply someone with a low libido, get this course! You have no idea what’s possible for you!” – D.G.

We grow up, enter relationships, and expect to suddenly know how to love our bodies, understand our sex drive, please our mates, and create true intimacy. But the majority of humans on the planet are pretty clueless about their own sexuality, let alone their partner’s!

There are so many misconceptions and damaging beliefs about our sexuality that start from birth– leaving people with more questions, shame, fears, feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction, temptations for affairs, low libidos, and confusion. The sex education we grew up with was fear-based and focused on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, usually omitting anything about pleasure, keeping passion alive, and how to communicate our deepest wants and desires.

“We now understand things about ourselves and one another, and that awareness has transformed not just our sex but everything else too!” – L.M. and J.S.

Great sex is vital to a thriving relationship, but, over the years, sexuality often becomes a source of tension, and passion decreases as time goes on. Kids, jobs, stress, illness, responsibilities, bills to pay, routines, distractions, power struggles. Life happens, and the spark starts to fade. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we’re here to help!

This is exactly why we’ve designed “6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life” -- to teach you the essential info about how to create a thriving sex life that you’ve never learned elsewhere! JOIN US to create deeper intimacy and a truly fulfilling love life from the comfort of home! It’s time to reawaken passion, reignite your spark, and reconnect your hearts!

“I thought I’d fallen out of love and that the spark had permanently faded. I’ve honestly never felt so in love!” – E.S.


We’ll be supporting you as you unravel your sexual story. You’ll be self-reflecting to gain more insight, based on your history, into what’s going on underneath some of the challenges you may be experiencing. You will start breaking down and breaking through old programming around your sexuality that no longer serves or supports you. The outcome is greater self-awareness, personal healing, more empathy and understanding of your beloved, and new messages and information to empower and liberate you as a sexual being!

You will learn how to effectively communicate about sex, before, during, and after. Even though we may share every other intimate detail of our lives, it can still feel awkward talking about sex, or it can lead to arguments and deeper disconnection. This week, we’ll help you communicate your needs and deepest desires in ways your partner will fully hear and in ways that will bring you closer together.

We will be talking all about desire and how to turn it on! The number one reason couples seek sex therapy is because partners experience a difference in their libidos, and it creates conflict and/or disconnect. This week, we’ll help you both understand one another’s drive a lot more, and we’ll explore the art and science of desire. For the mate with the lower drive, we’ll teach you easy ways to instantly start boosting your sex drive. For the partner with the higher libido, you’ll get tips on how to strengthen your relationship in ways that support your beloved in wanting to be closer and more likely to be turned on.

We dive into the tantalizing world of pleasure and give you essential insights into how to turn it up! The vast majority of time we have sex over the course of our lifetimes, we do so to experience pleasure. Yet, much of what we learn about sex early on is only about reproduction. Week 4 is all about pleasure anatomy and physiology and how to delight each other’s many erogenous zones.

We get to play full-out with advanced pleasure techniques for awakening bliss! There is so much to learn about pleasure and orgasm! In Week 5, we’ll explore amazing techniques and build on what we’ve already learned. This week is full of exciting invitations to discover new ways to bring each other to ecstasy!

We’ll be guiding you on how to keep passion alive in long-term love. By participating in this course, you are making your sex life a priority, but we know maintaining that momentum can be challenging. In Week 6, we’ll introduce you to our favorite sexy strategies to ensure the passionate sustainability of your thriving sex life.

“I thought I had experienced pleasure before, but we’d barely scratched the surface. I feel so connected and full of passion!” – K.C.

Christine and Bret Eartheart, LCSW We are Co-Founders of the Center for Thriving Relationships, counselors, coaches, and teachers, and it’s our absolute passion to help couples around the world (through private sessions, retreats, and online courses) to experience the fullest potential of their love! Click here to learn more about Bret and Christine >> www.CenterThrive.com

Kate McCombs, MPH and Sex Educator We’ve partnered with our amazing friend, colleague and renowned Sex Educator extraordinaire, Kate McCombs, to create a phenomenal course for you. Kate is enthusiastic about pleasure and has traveled the world giving people the tools to experience the greatest sex and intimacy possible. We have joined forces with Kate because she is utterly brilliant, embodies what she teaches, and has a heart of gold.

We have included various formats to match different learning styles and to honor your unique preferences. You will have an opportunity to learn from all three of us, and we are thrilled to be bringing you so much amazing content, week after week!

Welcome Video

Thriving Sex Ultimate Guidebook (written + audio formats)

Toy Box with Kate (introducing you to various toys and treasures, to spice up your love life)

Sex Lab (putting it into practice)

“I hear so many of my friends talk about their marriages and sex lives begrudgingly and have just accepted the fact that things get worse over time. I believe every couple on the planet needs this course to help them keep passion and connection alive!” – R.T.


You can work at your own pace, there is complete privacy, you will have instant access to the entire course, and you get to keep it for a lifetime!


No prior experience is necessary, and couples in every stage of the journey (newly together, engaged, married, on the edge of divorce, or in long-term love wanting to reignite the sizzle).

“This completely re-energized our sex life and relationship!” – H.Y.

Sign up now to learn all the sexy essential for how to create a thriving sex life that you’ve never learned elsewhere! We’re so excited to go on this journey with you!

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